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cPanel is a Linux-based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site. cPanel utilizes a 3 tier structure that provides capabilities for administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners to control the various aspects of website and server administration through a standard web browser.

In addition to the GUI, cPanel also has command line and API-based access that allows third-party software vendors, web hosting organizations, and developers to automate standard system administration processes.

More information can be found on the official web page:


cPanel & WHM template

In LCwHost Ltd. you are able to install cPanel & WHM template really easy and fast, only with few mouse clicks:

Login to the Client Area;

Select at the top of menu the "My Services > VPS" tab;

Press the "Manage" button at the service table;

Press the "Install OS" button;

Choose operating system, agree with warning and press "Continue";

Wait for 5-10 minutes and refresh VPS management page.

cPanel & WHM template contains:

CentOS 7

Apache 2.4.33

PHP 5.6.36

MySQL 5.6.38

1. Login to WHM

WHM uses 2087 port, so to connect to control panel on you internet browser enter:



Login details are your server's "root" login details, which you can find on Client Area.

2. Adding new cPanel account to WHM

3. Login to cPanel

cPanel uses 2083 port, so to connect to control panel on you internet browser enter:



Login details are the same as your entered while creating cPanel account.

4. Adding Email Account

To create an email account:

5. Adding New FTP user

In order to add a FTP user:

6. Adding Database

7. Adding Additional Domain

8. Password reset

In order to change your "root" user password for WHM, you need to simply connect to your server via SSH and run this command:

it will ask you to enter and re-type your new password. If everything is correct you will see this result:

For more information on how to use the cPanel & WHM Control Panel can be found by visiting the following link:


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